A Lifetime of Service​​​

My life journey

My life journey has been rich and full.

After high school, I trained as a registered nurse and then volunteered for the Army Nurse Corp during the Vietnam War. Those years are indelibly written on my heart.

Once my military service was completed, I returned to school and obtained a master’s degree in hospital administration and worked as a hospital administrator for four years before becoming an attorney.

My legal career included seventeen years as a trial attorney--one of the first woman litigators in the State of Texas.

My judicial career then spanned the next thirteen years. I was honored to serve my community as both a District Court Trial Judge and as an Appellate Justice. During part of my time on the 4th Court of Appeals, the court became the first all female appellate court in the United States.

Each step in my journey built upon what came before

And allowed me to serve people experiencing various life challenges.

My goal, whether it be mediation, arbitration, or executive coaching, is to use the wisdom I have gained over my varied and long career to provide exemplary service to you.

I look forward to meeting you. Please reserve an open date that best works for you and your clients.

each step in my journey has been rich and full