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My goal is to provide an open and honest mediation process to allow the client and the attorney to accurately assess the good and bad of their case.

been an attorney for decades

I have been an attorney for almost four decades.

I started as a trial attorney litigating a variety of personal injury matters including medical negligence and medical products claims.

I tried to final jury verdict dozens of lawsuits over my first seventeen years of law practice.

I then chose to pursue judicial service.

I was elected and served as a district court trial judge where, among other things, I oversaw aspects of the Firestone mass tort litigation.

Later, I became an appellate justice where I was deeply honored to serve for ten years. During my ten-year tenure as an appellate justice, I authored more than 1,300 opinions, covering a myriad of legal issues, including personal injury, breach of contract, medical negligence, oil and gas, property rights, employment law, construction law, family law, and criminal law.

Since retiring from judicial service…

I have devoted myself to helping litigants resolve their lawsuits without the necessity of going to the courthouse through various types of dispute resolution. I am an active mediator and a diplomat with the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

I am honored to arbitrate for the American Arbitration Association and serve on six rosters for neutrals–healthcare, commercial, consumer, employment, appellate, and construction law cases.

retiring from judicial service

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